CourtenaythehistoricalbasisofbpThe Historical Basis of Body Psychotherapy

Edited by Courtenay Young 
This volume includes a number of contributions from Body Psychotherapists about the historical basis of Body Psychotherapy. The first section: "Roots": includes 4 extracts on the 'roots' of Body Psychotherapy, by Barbara Goodrich-Dunn & Elliot Greene; Ulfried Geuter; Nick Totton; and David Boadella. Then there is an essay: "An Overview of the History of Body Psychotherapy", by Bernd Eiden; this is followed by a seminal article, "Psycho-physical synthesis at the foundations of Body Psychotherapy: the 100-year legacy of Pierre Janet", by David Boadella; followed by a series of 6 essays on 'The History & Development of Body Psychotherapy', by Courtenay Young; with a piece of historical research on "On Elsa Lindenberg & Reich", by Courtenay Young; and a summary: "What is European Body Psychotherapy Now?" by Courtenay Young.
This book is a first in a series of edited books from Body Psychotherapy Publications on various themes, such as "About the Science of Body Psychotherapy", "About Touch in Body Psychotherapy"; "Relational Body Psychotherapy"; "About Trauma and Body Psychotherapy", etc. These titles are in the process of being published.
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This book has a paperback cover, is about 23 cm x15 cm, and has 300 pages.     ISBN: 978-1-908729-00-2    RRP:  £18.00  €22.00  $30.00 (inc. free P&P - for the moment)
It is also available as a PDF file download version:   ISBN: 978-1-908729-01-9   £15.00, €18.00 or $24.00  
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David Boadella writes: "I have now read your psycho-political articles and find them thorough, accurate and comprehensive. You are doing a great service to the whole movement in publishing this book."


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