Jenny Wellington

Practice Name: Jenny Wellington
Address : Kings Langley
City: Hertfordshire
Postcode: WD4 8DU
Country: England
Mobile : 07980 009356
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Additional Practice Locations :

Swains Lane,



N6 6QS


CABP Membership: Full CABP membership including UKCP accreditation
UKCP Accredited: Yes
EABP Member : No


You may be seeking psychotherapy for a variety of different reasons, which might range from a general sense of things ‘just not being right for you’, or feeling stuck; to something more obvious including relationship issues, career challenges, childhood or recent trauma, persistent negative patterns, feeling anxious, stressed or depressed, or a longing for deeper meaning in your life. I provide a safe place for you to explore these issues, and anything else that might arise.


A core element in Psychotherapy is to know and understand oneself better. Through developing ourselves, we can enhance our ability to cope with life’s challenges more effectively.  We are then able to improve our relationships, and let go of old habits that no longer work for us.  All of this can give our lives greater meaning and fulfillment.


I have been working as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist for over 9 years now.  Prior to this, I have 17 years experience as a Body Therapist, where I developed a way of working which drew on elements of counselling, coaching and specialist bodywork.  This way of working enabled my clients and me, to engage with their body, feelings, thinking and presence. Alongside my one-to-one work, I created and facilitated a range of personal development workshops in England and Holland, which provided potent environments for participants to explore fuller self expression and insight into their relationship with themselves and others.


Throughout this time, I was deeply touched by my clients courage in opening to significant and potentially ‘life-changing’ experiences, but became frustrated with the times these would not translate into lasting, meaningful changes for them.  I came to realise the need to work more deeply, engaging with more psychological perspectives. This led me to further my experience and skills, by training as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist.


As I moved into working psychotherapeutically, it was heartening to witness the ways my clients began to assimilate important shifts within themselves, and in their relational patterns with others, through the more subtle, gradual and profound processes inherent in psychotherapeutic ways of working.


Whilst what I have written here will give you some idea about what I am offering, the only way to really know if you would like to work with me, is for us to have an initial consultation.


Choosing to see a psychotherapist can be a crucial step to sorting out whatever is troubling you.  If you want to make an appointment, please call me on 07980 009356, or if you would rather write to me, please click the email connection above, including your phone number, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. We can then schedule a session, where we will have a chance to explore what is happening for you, and see if we feel we could work well together.



Qualifications and Accreditations:


Chiron Certificate & Diploma for Integrative Body Psychotherapy


United Kingdom Council For Psychotherapy






The Relational School Uk




Theoretical Approach:


Integrative Relational Body Psychotherapy


Integrative: means that I draw on a number of different strands of therapeutic concepts; including, but not limited to, attachment theory, gestalt therapy, humanistic psychotherapy, psycho-dynamic thinking and relational psychotherapy. I believe in the uniqueness of each person, and therefore the particular integration I offer will be tailored to the individual in front of me.


Relational:  I consider it important that we use the relationship between us, as an invaluable resource in our working together.


Body:  for us to engage with the wisdom held in our bodies, through working with embodied presence, with mind/body connections, and sometimes working with movement and touch.


  • English
Clients I work with :
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • Young People
The ways I work :
  • Long Term work Face to Face
  • Short Term work Face to Face
  • Telephone
  • Coaching
Wheelchair Access : No
Services offered :
  • Psychotherapy
Located in: Psychotherapist
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