The Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists is pleased to offer a new




Training in Body Psychotherapy



We are embodied beings, and all of our growth and development as people takes place in the context of our embodiment. Sadly the body is still relatively absent from most psychotherapy trainings. The Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists is therefore proud to present this post-qualification training in Body Psychotherapy.



Contemporary Body Psychotherapy teaches the most versatile and state-of-the art approaches to truly integrated work, grounded in concepts of the embodied, relational self. Modalities that form some of the components of our cutting edge training include: Biodynamic psychotherapy, Bioenergetics, body oriented trauma therapy, relational psychoanalysis, Attachment therapy and Gestalt theory. Particular attention will be given to recent findings from Neuroscience.


This course is intended for those who wish to become more rounded as psychotherapists, to become more clinically effective and to work at deeper levels. The course is taken over a minimum of two years, and is aimed at psychotherapists with an active practice, who wish to gain UKCP accreditation as a Body Psychotherapist.


Body Psychotherapy is a genuinely holistic modality, integrating psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive and relational perspectives. In addition it has it’s own rich tradition to draw upon in the work of Wilhelm Reich, David Boadella, Alexander Lowen, Gerda Boyesen, Lisbeth Marcher and many others. Mindfulness-based, psychospiritual and trauma therapy approaches integrate naturally with Body Psychotherapy, as do approaches using movement and the creative arts. Recent developments in neuroscience are showing therapists that the notion of body and mind as an inseparable unity can no longer be ignored and has wide-ranging implications for clinical practice.


The Chiron Association has brought all these strands together in our post qualification training in body psychotherapy.



Course Overview


First Year:
Body Psychotherapy Process Group
One evening (3 hours) fortnightly for two terms (36 hours in total)


Body Psychotherapy Theory and Practice Module
9 weekends over one academic year - one weekend per month (108 hours in total)


Body Psychotherapy Supervision Group
Supervision in small (3-4 participants) groups, one evening (3 hours) fortnightly for the last term (18 hours in total)


Second Year:
Body Psychotherapy Supervision Group
Supervision in small (3-4 participants) groups, one evening (3 hours) fortnightly for two terms (36 hours in total)




The Body Psychotherapy Process Group will help you make contact with your own body - a crucial ingredient of being a body psychotherapist, who needs to have a solid experience of their Body Self in a group.


The Body Psychotherapy Theory and Practice Module will give you both the thinking behind body psychotherapy interventions and the toolkit of body-based therapeutic techniques. The different theories of Body Psycho- therapy submodalities such as Biodynamic, Biosynthesis, Bioenergetics, Body- namic, Neo-Reichian Psychotherapy, will form part of this.


The Supervision Group will provide the space for you to integrate all of this with your existing practice including your previous training background and to put it into practice with clients.


Together these three mandatory modules will provide 198 training hours. In addition you will require a further 52 hours of body psychotherapy training of your choice. We will also require you to be in weekly ongoing body psychotherapy and to start building up a practice of body psychotherapy clients.



Who is the training for?



We believe that truly holistic and unified clinical work requires psy-chotherapists to be as fully embodied, and as fully in touch with the thoughts, images and feelings held in the different parts of their bodies as is possible. To this end our training has a substantial experiential component, and aims to deepen and round out the theoretical background and clinical practice of those who wish to become body psychotherapists, rather than just add a few body-based tools to their skills base.


Those who undertake the training can expect to become more confident as therapists and to have more choices of interventions. They will acquire a structure for their 6th sense and will become more accurate at reading clients’ non-verbal signals.


Based on this philosophy, we are initially seeking applicants who are Psychotherapists of any modality, qualified to MA level or equivalent. Later intakes may include applicants qualified to Counsellor level depending on interest.


The Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists (CABP) is an accrediting Organisational Member of the UK Council for Psycho- therapy (UKCP). Those who complete the CABP post qualification training in Body Psychotherapy may apply to the CABP Membership and Accreditation Committee for UKCP accreditation as Body Psychotherapists


The consistency and continuity of training groups is of great importance for the creation of a safe and contained working space. Therefore we strongly recommend for participants to complete the whole training in its intended timeframe and will allow for switching between different training groups only under exceptional circumstances.



Training Fees:


Body Psychotherapy Experiential Group: £635
Body Psychotherapy Theory and Practice module: £1,910
Body Psychotherapy Supervision Group: £995


On application there will be an initial deposit of £350



How to apply:


If you are interested in this training, we recommend that you attend one of our Taster Weekends (2017: March 25-26, May 6-7, Jun 3-4, Jul 8-9) in order to see if this training is for you. You can register for these Taster Days via the CABP Events &CPD listings on this website. Alternatively, if you wish to have a conversation with one of our tutors or to register your interest, please contact the Chair of the Training Committee, Kathrin Stauffer, on 01223 240815, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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