Facilitator: Claudius Kokott




Body Psychotherapy is a truly holistic modality of psychotherapy, integrating psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive, Gestalt, and attachment perspectives, and adding to this its own approach derived from the works of Wilhelm Reich, David Boadella, Alexander Lowen, Stephen Johnson, Gerda Boesen, Lisbeth Marcher and others. Mindfulness-based, psychospiritual and trauma therapy approaches integrate with ease into body psychotherapy as do approaches using movement and creative arts. The recent interest in neuroscience has taught psychotherapists that the notion of body and mind as inseparable unity needs to be taken seriously and has wide-ranging implications for clinical practice.


The Chiron Association attempts to pull all strands together in our exciting new body psychotherapy post qualification training (see this page).


The taster weekends will be experiential. They are intended to be relatively lighthearted explorations of topics such as boundaries, breath, Reichian vegetotherapy, body segments, touch, different body tissues and their function, energy and bodily fluids, and so on, using the client's body either to deepen material or to resource the client, and using the therapist's body as well as the client's in many different ways.



2017 Dates:  Saturday & Sunday: 3-4 Jun 2017


Times:  10:00 am to 5:30 pm


Venues: British School of Shiatsu, London, N7 (location)

The fee for a weekend is £210 


Maximum group size: 12


Please register online at least 2 weeks prior to your weekend choice start. By booking you are entering into a contract with CABP to pay for your place even if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending. If the workshop is cancelled we will refund your payment.


Claudius Kokott UKCP and EAP Registered Body and Integrative Psychotherapist, trained at the Chiron Centre in the 1980s and afterwards at the Institute for Biosynthesis with David Boadella. He has many years of experience in teaching body psychotherapy in Britain and other European countries.

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